Admission process is handled in three simple steps:

  1. Interested families should complete the following registration form:

    Responsible: Verónica Olmos López.
    Purpose: Answer the questions that you send us.
    Legitimation: Your consent to contact us.
    Audience: Your data will be safe at Banahosting, our hosting that is also RGPD compliant.
    Rights: Access, modify, limit and delete your data.

    1. Once you have contacted us with your registration, we will make an appointment for you to have an interview and a guided tour of the facilities.
    2. During this visit we will spend as much time as possible with the parents to answer their questions, listen to their concerns and help them determine if they consider our school a good option for their child.

      Parents will take a questionnaire with which we can get to know some specific details about their child before meeting them personally.

    3. In the case of conformity we will proceed to the formal registration. For this step, the parents will present the student’s questionnaire previously completed and the proof of payment for the chosen service.