(18 months - 3 years)

Estudiante de Montessori regando las plantas

Infant Community is the “I can” classroom.

It is in this space where autonomy, individuality and creation of will are allowed to be given free rein.

We will see the children, in wide and carefully organized spaces, carry out many of the things we do in our daily lives. The classes resemble miniature houses where the children can develop freely and take care of the environment with respect.

The soul of Infant Community is the practical living area, a set of activities that helps children develop coordination, discipline, concentration and above all independence. It includes activities for the refinement of their movements, social relations, courtesy and tolerance.

We will see other learning areas such as: language area, expression area, artistic area, sensory and cognitive area in which they will be full of specific material.

This material was scientifically designed in an experimental context within the classroom, based on the children’s interests and their stage of development.

These are tools to develop their knowledge of the world and their abstract thinking. The children have the freedom to choose, through an internal motivation, which concrete material they want to work with.

The fact that children choose one material and not another, represents the needs they have at that moment to build themselves.

Comunidad infantil
Taller de costura en escuela montessori con telas y botones


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