NEST (4 - 18 months)

Development of senses

Nest is a cozy and quiet place where babies, through their senses, absorb the environment in a safe way.

Everything is designed so that they can explore with the least number of obstacles to their development.

The Nest space is full of neutral colours, light and calm. It is intended to be as close as possible to a home.

Different areas

In this space we have everything necessary to live with the little ones, a space for rest, a space for hygiene, a space for work, play and movement, and an area for eating. These areas are designed to encourage autonomy and awareness of their needs.

That is, to have an accessible rest area if they feel tired or try to take off their shoes and put them in their determined place, for example.

None of the above is random. Each material and its disposition has a reason for its existence. Maria Montessori, through observation, managed to glimpse the needs of the children in their different periods of development and how these could be satisfied through the environment. For this reason, the placement of material will not only be in accordance with the age but also with the individual interest of each baby.

At the Nest, great importance or priority is given to the area of movement because under the eyes of M. Montessori this is an essential and necessary condition so that the child can feel like the protagonist of his or her learning. Freedom of movement means reflecting on the environment and the type of clothing, so that they can discover for themselves their own motor skills, to be able to start, carry out and conclude postures and movements from their initiative, without being interrupted or pushed into positions or movements that they are not able to activate on their own.

Adapted schedules

Although there is an established schedule is where less routines are followed, we adapt to the pace of each baby. Nest care will always be as individualized as possible.

Healthy nutrition

At this stage, feeding is very important as many new foods are introduced. Communication is daily in order to take into account all kinds of suggestions, allergies or intolerances and changes that may occur.

Jugando en el patio


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