Our Values

Nuestros valores

We know that, in the experiences lived in the first years of life (0-6 years), there is an imprint in the personality of the individual.
Even so, there are certain intrinsic characteristics in childhood: the child has a primarily constructive and empathetic sense of the world around him.

The child is play, is affection, is compassion, is a waste of laughter for insignificant facts.

For this reason, our greatest desire is to provide an environment that enhances all this primary and genuine essence of the human being. To educate in collaboration and not in competition. In short, to help grow, maintaining within us the wisdom of childhood.

  • Connection with nature: Although it is known that the child perceives the world around him in his early years through the senses, let the world in its purest form be presented to the child. Elements of nature will be present in his daily life. Beginning with the composition of the materials, mostly wood, and ending with providing as much time as possible for enjoyment outdoors.

On the other hand, we want to raise awareness from a very young age of the love of nature and its preservation, through simple habits to care for the environment.

  • We will strive to be a diverse and multicultural school: Where any ethnic group or culture has its place, thus expanding cultural knowledge and vision of the world.
    In our environments the children will hear two languages simultaneously (English and Spanish). The guide will always speak in Spanish while the assistant will always speak in English.
  • We consider ourselves inclusive and integrative in our welcome. We want any child, no matter what his or her psychological or physical condition, to be part of a cooperative, empathetic and equal opportunity community.
  • We promote being an educational community: in which both parents and teachers have a relationship of trust and support in the accompaniment of children.
Nuestros valores en Harmony se basan en el amor a la naturaleza
Uno de nuestros valores en Harmony Montessori es la amistad